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American versus European Trucks

Trucking is everywhere around the world, but they don’t all do it the same! In this article we’ll discuss trucking in Europe versus trucking in America, from both the trucks themselves to the lifestyles lived. 

One of the largest differences in trucks is the cab over truck design, which puts the engine below the driver. This allows for a much more compact vehicle and was used by both countries until the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 which deregulated trucking in America, including removing a length limit to trucks. This made the American standard cab design, with the engine more forward and allowing more space in the cabin, creating a larger and more comfortable truck. 

Though with more compact roads and tighter corners, the cab over design works wonders in Europe with their smaller turn radius and with smaller distances to cover, its greater fuel efficiency helps too. When it comes to lifestyle, most European drivers don’t live in their trucks and their maximum daily drive time is nine hours. Compared to America, most drivers spend 11 hours on the road and 14 hours in their trucks

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