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Antenna Application Tips

Getting a new antenna in is always an exciting experience, but before you install it, there are some things to pay attention to! In this article we will cover some tips to remember when you have your new antenna.  

  1. Remember that you must tune your antenna after its installation. 
  2. When tuning your antenna, make sure the vinyl tip is there during all tests. If you tune the antenna with it off and then put it on once all tests are done, you will have a high SWR. This is because the tip changes the electromagnetic field emitted by the antenna, so having it on as you would when normally using your radio is important.  
  3. On that note, you can use your antenna without the tip, but whether you do or don’t make sure it is consistently on or off to ensure no sudden changes will happen to your operation center.  
  4. If removing the tip, never twist it off, simply pull it straight off. For another tip to ensure the tip stays in place if it comes into contact with anything while moving, once your antenna is tuned remove the tip, spray the top with hair spray, and install the tip back on. This will ensure it will hold firm during any movement.  

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