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Antenna Warning Lights On?

Ever see the antenna warning lights illuminate when you key up on your CB radio system? If so than stop transmitting asap or be prepared to send your radio in for repairs.  Here are some potential remedies to an antenna warning light.  
The antenna warning lights can save your radio from damage and the need for costly repairs. They can light up due to multiple factors, such as at SWR levels being above 1.5, Reflection issues, and lack of sufficient antenna ground. Some newer radios like the Stryker SR-655hpc and the Stryker SR-447hpc have SWR protection circuits and will shut down the transmit process in an effort to prevent the radio from damaging itself.  
At that point if the SWR is below 1.5 and the lights turn on when in use, it could indicate another issue, such as a faulty coax, corrosion or real antenna damage. From then, you will want to check these factors while monitoring with an external SWR meter. If you don’t intend on communicating with your CB, it can be noted that a high SWR shouldn’t cause too much worry as it will only potentially damage the system if you are Transmitting however the radio receive will not be nearly as effective with a High SWR. Generally speaking, the antenna warning lights are very reliable on indicating actual damage to the antenna or an improperly installed antenna system. 
We hope you found this information educational and eased nerves if you have an antenna warning light. At CB Radio Supply, we are dedicated to meeting all your radio needs. With free domestic US shipping and hassle-free returns, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your choices. Give us a call and speak with our expert staff today!  
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