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We will Price match most competitors!!!!

CB Antennas – The True Power of the CB Radio

CB Antennas – The True Power of the CB Radio

CB radios are powerful tools to transmit and receive messages across large distances. However, they can’t do this without a necessary component – the antenna. Without one, no matter how powerful the transceiver is, it won’t send or receive transmissions in the proper manner.

That’s why it’s so important to get the right antenna for your rig, Ham radio, or base station. A smaller, improperly grounded antenna won’t allow you to transmit very far. Conversely, a large antenna that can withstand extreme weather conditions should properly transmit to your destinations.

To get a better idea of what you might need, here are some details to take note of as you search for the right antenna.

Metal Helps

When you install an antenna on your big rig or other vehicle it’s transmitting power is enhanced and requires its metal body. Where it’s placed determines how the signal is radiated. A CB Radio Antenna must have clearance.  Installation on the longest part of the vehicle provides the most power. Placing it in the center of this surface creates a ground plane for maximum strength.

Location Helps as Well

If you’re installing an antenna for a Ham radio or base station, it needs to be placed in an elevated location. The best place is the center of the roof. In doing so, transceiver signals aren’t blocked by other obstacles.

Size is a Definite Factor

Along with location, size also increases transceiver power. The average for a big rig or other vehicle is approximately four feet. Combined with a proper radio, this allows for a strong signal. Manufacturers produce antennas up to nine feet in length. These provide maximum signal strength as long as they are properly mounted and secured against extreme traffic and weather conditions.

Speak with one of our CB Radio Supply specialists to gain a better understanding on antennas. They can recommend the right one for your home, office, or vehicle use.


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