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Beginner CB Radio (Part Two)

Previously, we discussed what you needed to get started on your CB radio journey as well as a quick summary of CB radio. In this second part we will continue to discuss what you’ll need to have a successful introduction to CB radio!

When it comes to setting up your radio, one of the most important features to pay attention to is its standing wave ratio (SWR). Very basically, the SWR measures the maximum amount of voltage that can be delivered to the radio versus the minimum voltage that leaves the antenna. A perfectly tuned antenna would be 1:1, but since that is nearly impossible, an ideal range would be 1.3:1 to 1.6:1. You can check this with the SWR meter which will either be integrated or you’ll need to have a separate one.

In that same way, you want to maximize your antenna’s range by setting it up in the most ideal position. Generally the taller the antenna the better, and the higher you can set it up, the better that is as well with at least ⅔ of the antenna above the roof line. In terms of antenna performance, top loaded work best compared to center loaded, which works better than base loaded.

We hope you found this second part of our beginner guide to CB radio helpful in getting started! At CB Radio Supply, we are here for all your radio needs and offer a wide range of customer service! Our free domestic US shipping and hassle-free returns is our guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your choices. Give us a call to speak with our expert staff today!

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