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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

CB Around the World: Australia

The history of CB radio is incredibly rich, growing in popularity in the US and continuing today through truckers, enthusiastic hobbyists, those enjoying the outdoors, and in all other sorts of activities! With such an amazing form of communication growing, it's no surprise that it would develop around the world! In this first iteration of CB Around the World, we will cover the history and usage of CB radio in Australia.  

In the mid 1970s, many hobbyists were using CB radio and using unauthorized American channels. Through the growth of this movement, the Australian government legalized the import and sales of American and Japanese CB radio systems in 1977 and began regulating channels in 1978.  

Regulation wise, the Australian government initially tried to use license fees and call signs but found it didn’t work too well. By 1978, around 200,000 CB licenses were issued and continued to grow. Certain cities such as Seymour, Holbrook, Gundagai, and others became known as “CB Hotspots” as there was much CB radio activity and lively communities. These were all located on the Hume Highway which connected Melbourne and Sydney.   

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