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CB Around the World: Malaysia

While CB radio was booming in popularity around the world in the late 1900s, Malaysia wouldn’t see this popularity till much later! In this iteration of CB around the world, we will cover the history of CB radio in Malaysia.

Just south of Malaysia, Indonesia was seeing CB radio soar in the 70s before being legalized in the 80’s, Malaysia wouldn’t legalize CB radio until April 1st, 2000! This was primarily due to power output issues from foreign equipment being brought in. When CB radio was legalized, they were listed as a “personal radio service device” where it has 40 channels, with channel 9 reserved for emergencies and 11 for calling. While late to the party, CB was popular in Malaysia, with an unofficial club called the “Malaysia Boleh Citizen Radio Group” or “Mike Bravo” for short, as well as a group called “Sugar Delta”.

In 2010 and 2017, the Malaysian government released updated regulations that included a new 8 channel analog for personal mobile radio as well as 16 channels for digital personal mobile radio. These continued updates allow avid fans to keep engaged with their radio systems!

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