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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

CB Around the World: United Kingdom {Part One}

As CB radio usage grew rapidly in the US, the United Kingdom was one of the first to hop on the craze, but not without much backlash! In this first part iteration of CB Around the World, we will begin to look at the history and development of CB radio in the UK.

Like most CB radio systems, the sale and use of them was illegal, yet that only added fuel to the fire of the CB craze during the late 60’s. During this period, CB radios were advertised heavily in the US markets and popular movies and songs about truckers only heightened the desire to use the system. The entire decade of the 70’s was filled with people illegally using and selling US CB equipment, primarily in car accessory stores. People were very open about their use and many clubs began to form, with people demanding their radio systems to be legalized. It would be legalized in 1981 with a license required to operate. However since all radios up to this point were illegally imported, registering the system subjected them to taxes and import duty, angering many.

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