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CB Around the World: United Kingdom {Part Two}

Previously we discussed the history of CB radio in the United Kingdom while ending on its legalization in 1981. Though that legalization led to many taxes and payments from those who were trying to register their systems! In this second part, we will continue to look at CB radio's history in the UK.

Many CB clubs rallied for the UK government to institute CB radio like the US system due to that being the most popular way, though discussion was difficult as many of the frequencies they were asking to use were reserved for the military (though those lines haven’t been active since the second World War).

In order to try and boost UK radio business, they legalized the 27.6 - 27.99 MHz for operation, an awkward frequency given most were used to the US 26.96 - 27.405 MHz frequency. The government was hoping this would allow unique UK radio companies to thrive, however this seems to have the opposite effect with the only manufacturers being in Japan, and they wouldn’t make these chips as the Japanese market was going through a shortage. The UK would recover and the CB culture grew more and more popular, but the journey to that point was quite incredible!

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