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CB Radios in Cinema: Convoy 1978

When it comes to CB radio in pop culture, its influence was almost exclusively made by truckers and the allure behind them during the 70’s and 80’s. Nothing helped that image of the modern day cowboy for truckers more than the cinema. In this iteration of CB in Cinema, we will take a look at Convoy, a popular trucking/CB radio film, a brief synopsis, and its impact.

Directed in 1978 by Sam Peckinpah during the peak of the trucking/CB radio craze, this road action comedy follows a Arizona truck driver named Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald (played by Kris Kristofferson) as he faces against his nemesis, Sheriff “Dirty Lyle” Wallace (played by Ernest Borgnine). Throughout the film, Duck communicates with his fellow friends and truckers with his CB radio, notifying them of police and other dangers with CB slang.

The film was released to mixed reviews, however it still stood as the highest grossing picture for Pekinpah at $45 million. The international market particularly enjoyed it, serving as an inspiration for many UK and Japanese radio clubs to see CB as a rebellious form, and increased popularity for them tremendously. 

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