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CB in Cinema: High Ballin’

The 70’s marked an explosion for film exploring the rogue view of trucking, and of course that would include CB radio! In this iteration of CB in Cinema, we will go over the 1978 hit film High Ballin’, through a brief overview and its reception. 

Directed by Peter Carter, the film follows the “Iron Duke” played by American country singer Jerry Reed as he works against a large corporate trucking boss from putting independent truckers out of business. In making the film, Carter’s goal was to make a modern day western, “with trucks instead of horses”. His action packed film truly made the most of that idea!

The film first premiered in Toronto on May 26, 1978 and was brought to the states beginning in Los Angeles on August 30th. Funnily enough, while the film was set in the US, since it was filmed in Canada, all the vehicles have Ontario license plates and the CN Tower can be seen in the background of the film.  Overall, it was known for its intense and frequent action and received some criticism for its lackluster story as well as its disingenuous to truckers with such intense violence. 

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