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CB Radio Frequencies

The CB radio spectrum is split into many channels based on their frequencies. That said, there are certain agreements on the purpose of certain channels and others that are important to know to make sure you don’t stumble on the wrong channel. In this article, we’ll cover some of the CB channels and the purpose they serve!  

Channel 4 at 27.005 MHz: this channel is commonly used for people off-roading or taking 4x4s out.  

Channel 9 at 27.065 MHz: this channel is strictly for emergency communications only. 

Channel 10 at 27.075 MHz: this channel is primarily used by truckers on regional roads.  

Channel 13 at 27.115 MHz: this channel is primarily used by those driving RV’s. 

Channel 14 at 27.125 MHz: this channel is often used by those handling walkie talkies for short-medium distances.  

Channel 17 at 27.165 MHz: this channel is primarily for truckers driving north or south 

Channel 19 at 27.185 MHz: on the flipside, this channel is primarily for truckers driving east or west.  

Channel 21 at 27.215 MHz: this serves as another channel for truckers driving on regional roads.  

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