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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

CB Radio Operations – All the Technical Stuff

CB Radio Operations – All the Technical Stuff

Overall, CB radios are easy to operate. Hence, the reason why they became so popular during the late 1970s and are still used today. Granted, you might need to get acquainted with some of the options. However, once you do, you should be able to send and receive clear transmissions.

The Fancy Figures

While the CB radio should be easy to use once installed, reviewing the specifications is another matter. Ads and specification sheets tend to insert fancy figures that show its ratings among against manufacturers.

Since not everyone is a certified radio engineer, these numbers can be confusing to a buyer. Thus, you could purchase the wrong radio if you’re stymied by everything mentioned in the specifications sheet.

The Breakdown

What you need is a cheat sheet of sorts. One that helps you comprehend some of these ratings and get a better understanding of how they rank among the models you’re considering. We have one for you.

Selectivity – This is the receiver’s ability to differentiate between a desired channel signal and an adjacent one. Many models offer manual or automatic Adjacent Channel Reduction to reduce this problem.

Sensitivity – How well your receiver can hear. Sensitivity is measured in microvolts (uV). The lower the number, the better.

Frequency Tolerance – How much the radio drifts off a channel in normal operations. The lower the percentage, the greater stability of the radio.

Image Rejection – These are unwanted signals from above and below the CB band you’re using. When strong, they may interfere with what you can hear. The ability to reject these images is measured in decibels (dBs). The larger the number, the more interference-free the radio will be.

There are many more settings to consider. Get an idea of what they are by speaking to a specialist at CB Radio Supply. Not only can they answer your questions but they can also find the right CB Radio for your needs.


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