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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

CB Radio Operations – Transmission Necessities

CB Radio Operations – Transmission Necessities

There are two main components within the transceiver of every CB Radio. The receiver handles incoming transmissions. The CB transmitter permits you to attach your voice to radio waves and send it to one or many recipients.

To receive clear CB transmissions, you need options to eliminate CB background noise and increase the volume. It’s the same for what you send out. Therefore, you need the CB equipment and options to make your outgoing signals as clear as your incoming ones.

The Tools are Available

Regardless if you have a basic CB Radio model or one with numerous bells and whistles, you need to look for the available tools to make your voice sound loud and clear.

Here are a few items to look for in a CB Radio transceiver before you make a purchase.

CB Microphone The most important component to a strong outgoing signal is the microphone. The most popular models with the Trucking Industry are the noise canceling CB radio microphones like the Astatic 636L, or The Road King 56. While most base CB Radio users seems to prefer Power CB Radio microphones like the Astatic D104M6B.

CB Microphone Jack – This is equally as important as the microphone itself. Most of today’s models feature a front-panel jack for easier connection and cord flexibility. Those with side panel jacks can be harder to install and hamper microphone movement.

CB Microphone Gain or Dynamic – This tool allows you to adjust the outgoing audio level and helps to avoid distortion and over modulation.

CB Talk Back Switch – Instead of relying on others to determine your distortion and clarity levels, talk back allows you to hear your voice coming through the CB radio’s speakers. In turn, you can adjust the CB Radio gain, echo, or reverb for the optimal modulation and tone.

TX and CB Antenna Lights – These allow you to monitor if you are transmitting and if the CB Antenna SWR reading is acceptable.

With these essential tools, you can send clear transmissions to everyone receiving your signal. Speak to one of the specialists at CB Radio Supply to learn more. They can answer your microphone questions and choose a model that fits your needs.


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