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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Is the CB radio still relevant?

Citizens Band Radios (CB Radios) have never lost their usefulness. In fact, their sales remain strong even in the age of smart phones and cellular communication. The truth is, users have a greater ability to communicate via CB radios in locations where cellular signals can’t reach.

Their Importance in Today’s World

CB’s are even more important today then they were during their height of popular culture in the 1970s. First responders use variations on CB Radios to communicate with each other and central stations. Big rig truckers continue to utilize them to determine weather and traffic conditions. And, even though terrestrial radio has faded, people still listen to Ham Radio broadcasters, especially in times of emergency.

One System of Several Parts

There are numerous components to CB radios and their base station cousins. Together, they allow for clear transmission and receipt of signals on a number of frequencies. To get an idea of their makeup, here are some of the most important pieces.

Transceiver – This is a combination of a transmitter and receiver. Where a car radio is simply a receiver, the CB radio is both since it is used for communications.

Modulator – The part that attaches your voice to radio waves and sends it to a destination. Today’s modulators allow you to add special features to your voice. For example, you can increase its echo. Some CB Radio models permit users to make their voice sound deeper, higher, or like a robot.

Heat Sink – Incoming and outgoing radio waves can heat up internal and external CB radio components. Thus, many models feature one or more heat sinks to ventilate the transceiver and keep it cool.

Channels – There are 40 CB channels that can be used. Where most commercial radio channels are privately owned, CB channels are used on a first-come, first-serve basis. In some cases, channels may be reserved for first responders and other emergency groups.

Antenna – Though you may have a powerful transceiver, it’s the antenna which allows you to amplify its signal strength. Today’s antennas come in sizes between two and nearly nine feet in height. In addition to increasing CB Radio signal strength they also work for the FM band and satellite radio receivers.

It’s Much More Than Parts

The above components are important for basic operations; however, they don’t make up the full capacity of modern CB Radios. To learn more, speak to one of the staff at CB Radio Supply. They can provide the needed knowledge for you to select the right radio.

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