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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

CB Radio Tips for Communicating & FAQs (Part 3)

This is our last part in the series on how to effectively communicate on a CB radio. If you would like to learn more CB radio tips, please see our previous CB radio blog posts or continue on to read the last few tips.


What should you do if someone doesn’t respond to your break attempts?

The best thing to do is take a break.  The signal can span several blocks or miles.  Wait until you get into a new range and try again.  No one wants to listen to continuous breaks!


Don’t waste airtime apologizing.

If you are on a busy channel and mess up, don’t stress about it.  Everyone knows there is a learning curve.  Just try and do better in the future.  If the channel is not busy, it is up to you.


When in doubt, Improvise!

The best piece of advice CB Radio Supply can offer is be courteous to other drivers and CB channel users.  Keep in mind other users are trying to communicate too.


That should help you get a good handle on some of the etiquette and guidelines using a CB radio and sharing the CB radio channels.  Good Luck!  Don’t forget to check out our special offers on some great new CB radios or an upgrade to your current unit.

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