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CB Radio Top 10 Phrases You Need to Know Before You Hit the Road

You’re all gassed up, installed your shiny new CB radio and did your radio check.  It is finally time to get on that pavement.


Before you go, make sure you are up on the top 10 CB Radio Lingo Phrases so you can commutate all the hazards on the road.


  1. Passing a weight station and it is closed?  Rejoice and let your fellow truckers know by stating “all locked up.”


  1. Big piece of tire in the road? It hit, it can jump up and “bite” your underside.  Call it out by using the term “alligator.”


  1. Warn your CB buddies of an upcoming law enforcement professional by using “Bear.”  You can adapt it with “Bear in the Air” or “Bear in the Bushes” to tell a little more about the situation.


  1. Does a passing trucker have a tall light out?  Let them know with the term “Black eye.”


  1. “Breaking up” is a classic term for when the radio signal is choppy coming in.


  1. Want to invite another driver to talk or repeat what they said? Say “Come back.”


  1. Another classic, use “copy” to agree with or acknowledge another driver.


  1. Need to stop for some diesel?  Call it by its CB Lingo name: “Go-go juice.”


  1. Do you want to reference anything behind you?  It is at your “Back door.”


  1. “What’s your 20?” is the way you can ask where another driver is located.


That should help you warm up your CB radioContact CB Radio Supply to learn more about all of our products.

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