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CB Radio Warranties – What to Look For

CB Radio Warranties – What to Look For

Since the introduction of solid state parts in CB radios during the late 1960s, the lifetime of these transceivers has increased. And, since there’s been little change in wattage or frequencies over the decades, some operators keep their rigs for years. It’s only when something completely breaks do they decide to get it repaired.

Does a Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover the Repair?

Whether the company will repair or replace the radio for free depends on the warranty. Each manufacturer offers different terms for their programs. Some are more extensive and flexible while others take the term limited quite seriously.

When choosing a new CB radio for home or vehicle use, look for these items to see how much the warranty covers.

  • What is the warranty’s term? Is it for one year? Two? Is it for the lifetime of the radio?
  • Is it a full or limited warranty? Some companies offer a full warranty for a specific time limit. After that, only parts or labor may be included.
  • Who can do repairs? While some warranties allow certified technicians to perform repairs, others ask you to ship the transceiver to their facility. Though they may cover labor and parts, you are out shipping costs and a radio while yours is in the shop.
  • What voids the warranty? Can repairs be done by non-certified technicians without voiding the warranty? What if a repair shop does a poor job and causes even more problems with the radio? Reading the warranty’s fine print should reveal the specific terms.

Get a better idea of manufacturers’ warranties by speaking to a member of our CB Radio Supply team. They will go over all the available options. From there, you can decide if the rig you want is worth the purchase.

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