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CB vs Ham Radio

When it comes to radio systems in the US, Citizens Band (CB) and Amateur radio are the most popular and widespread, but what’s the difference? In this article we’ll compare and contrast CB and Ham radio and their uses!  

In the most simplest form, the difference between CB and Ham radio comes from power output. Ham radio uses a much higher power output compared to CB, allowing further communication to other states and even around the world. CB tends to operate at most at about 4 watts while Ham can go up to 1500 watts. This further communication comes at a cost, quite literally. To operate a Ham radio one needs to take a test to acquire a license through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  

CB radio does not need a license to operate in the present day but also tends to stay fairly local in terms of communication. That said, a Ham radio cannot speak on the frequencies used by CB radio. Since CB is also more accessible to people as it doesn’t need a license, many local events will opt for CB instead of Ham radio.  

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