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Changes in Coax for CB Radios

The coax cable is one of the most critical components of any CB radio set up. That being said, there are many changes happening on the industrial side that are affecting consumers purchasing coax cables. In this article, we’ll go over its implications and what it could mean for you.  

Copper is one of the most critical elements used in manufacturing coax cables, antennas, and most electronics. Throughout the years, copper prices have seen a continuous increase ($0.75 per pound in 1999 to $4.50 in 2010), and this has either trickled to the buyer, or has had manufacturers begin cutting corners.  

Coax cables have “RG” designations, which refer to its shielding and how much coverage that shielding provides. Normally, this ranges from 80% to 100% coverage with 80% being fine for most levels of communications. However, due to some manufactures cutting corners in their work due to higher copper prices, it’s not uncommon to see cables in the 50% coverage range. What’s also unfortunate towards consumers is that manufacturers are not required to disclose their coax cable’s RG designations, so it’s very difficult to know whether or not the cable you are purchasing has been cheaped out on or not.    

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We hope you found this information helpful in your outlook on the industry while learning a little more about coax! At CB Radio Supply, we are dedicated to ensuring you get all the tools and help you need to run your radio system as smoothly as possible. Give us a call to speak with our expert staff today!   

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