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Co-Phase CB Radio Antenna Systems

Co-phased antennas were incredibly popular with truck driver’s in the 70s, preferring them to more traditional single antenna systems. In this article, we’ll cover the reason behind this and see if a co-phase antenna system is for you!  

 Co-phase systems were particularly popular with truck drivers because of their omnidirectional pattern that allowed them to communicate in the front and back of their vehicle. This is ideal for them to speak to other vehicles in front and behind them.  

Another benefit to co-phased antennas is that they have a greater receive range compared to single antenna systems. In situations where there is little reflective ground plane for a single to pick up, the co-phase will normally be able to pick this up. This does require proper installation of the co-phase system with a certain distance between the two antennas. On that same note, it is easier to pick up obstructed signals. For example, if the signal was being filtered through a thick wall, the co-phase system will be able to pick up significantly more signal compared to a single.  

If you feel a co-phase antenna system is right for you, check out our RG 59 co-phase coax cable and the rest of our store to get yourself started!  

We hope you found this information helpful in deciding whether or not magnetic mounts are for you. At CB Radio Supply, we are dedicated to all your radio needs, whether it’s the tools to get the job done or support to help. Give us a call and speak with our expert staff today!  

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