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Collection Highlight: Midland CB Radios

Midland Radios was established in 1959 in Kansas City as the first CB radio manufacturer in America, and since then have made a name for themselves as a staple in the CB radio community. Building up their reputation among the agricultural community, off-roaders, and outdoor adventurers, Midland quickly expanded and became a household name amongst truckers, farmers, and CB radio enthusiasts. Known for their high quality builds and with loads of features, their CB radios are perfect for ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.

Midland CB radios offer a range of advanced features to enhance communication and ensure clear and reliable transmission. With advanced features such as adjustable squelch control, channel scanning, backlit displays, and built-in NOAA weather channels coming standard in many of their models, the amount of features are unparalleled.

All of the mentioned features are packed inside a durable build, designed to withstand the most rugged environments and built to last, these are the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

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