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Do You Need a Power Microphone for Your CB?

Do You Need a Power Microphone for Your CB?

When you purchase a CB radio from CB Radio Supply, it normally comes with a standard microphone. In most cases, this is fine for your everyday needs, particularly if the transceiver is well-made. Then again, there are times when the included mic may not be the best for your home or vehicle use.

Possible Reasons

One reason – although your noise blanker reduces a majority of natural background noise it doesn’t block interference from radio waves. Thus, how you sound on the talkback might be distorted. A second reason – your voice. Its volume and tone might be too soft for a normal microphone.

What do you do in either of these cases? You consider a Power Microphone.

What is a Power Mic?

Simply put, a power microphone has its own amplifier to increase the volume and clarity of your voice. Some models come with their own modulation and frequency controls. Playing with these can make your once tinny voice cut through the others on a certain channel.

Does a Power Microphone Always Work?

The answer we can provide is … it depends. Did you give either a proper workout? If you give them a few chances and decide to go somewhere else, then you’ll probably never find the right one. Whether it’s the stock mic or an upgrade, adjustments need to be made.

For the original, adjust the mic gain controls to find an average level. Then, use the talkback control to see how you sound. When these fail, recalibrate the connection between transceiver and antenna via a SWR meter.

For a power mic, set the console controls to the lowest levels. Then, work with the microphone’s controls to find the proper levels for your voice. Once done, sync the levels between the mic and radio.

Are you unsure of what to do to make your microphone work? Contact the specialists at CB Radio Supply for some help. They will work with you and your radio to set proper levels. If it still doesn’t work, our technicians will help you find the right mic upgrade.


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