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We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Finding the Right CB Handle

Finding the Right CB Handle

No matter if you’re an avid user of social media or a person who barely glances at it, you know something about usernames. While some use their full name or iteration, many others use CB nicknames. Or, they use a handle that carries over in more than one social media outlet.

Thank CBs for handles

This isn’t something that originated with Facebook or Twitter. In the end, you can thank the CB radio community. Without them, the concept of handles may not have existed.

Prior to the 1970s, radio operators used alphanumerical call signs as their identifier. This changed during the Saudi oil embargo in 1973. This is when the federal government reduced highway speeds to 55 mph to conserve fuel.

This, as well as other events during that time, irked drivers. So, to get past these regulations, they started using handles. Combined with new slang, they could avoid the police or even potential roadblocks.

Finding the right handle today

Even though the popularity of CB Radios has decreased in the 1980s and beyond, the use of handles never did. So, how do you find the right handle for your radio operations? There are a few ways.

Look to the internet: There are several trucker name generator sites you can use. For instance, one such page produces your trucker name once you answer a few questions.

Look to those other naming conventions: For example, your last name and the first name of your favorite Star Wars character. A color and the name of your dog. First initial and the name of a body part. These can give you the best CB handle or one you’ll change only a few months later.

Look at previous examples Go back to old copies of CB radio magazines. The handles you find can give you some sense of what works for you.

Do you need further ideas? Speak to one of our specialists at CB Radio Supply. They might have some suggestions that work well for you.


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