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Five Extra Features for Your CB Radio

Your CB radio probably has several fantastic features. In addition, it’s a workhorse. No matter the location or weather conditions, the combination of antenna and transceiver allow you to send and receive clear transmissions. Overall, it’s what you need for proper communications.

Until it breaks, which you knew was coming at some point. Now you need a new one. Perhaps you want a CB radio model from the same manufacturer with a few more bells and whistles. Something with the same power but with features that make it easier to use while driving.

Well, to give you some ideas of what you should get, here are five extra features to consider.

  1. Built-in SWR meter -- This is more a need than a bell or whistle. The purpose of a built-in SWR meter is to help you properly tune your antenna without switching it back-and-forth to a standalone model. Thus, if you need to install a new antenna, you can quickly test it out from the transceiver.


  1. Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) – Where a Noise Limiter (NL) is manually controlled, the ANL adjusts without your intervention. This is a powerful feature for big rig drivers to eliminate annoying static noises.


  1. Weather Reporting – This feature allows an operator to tap into any local National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) station for real-time weather updates. In turn, drivers can stop or plan an alternate route to avoid potential issues.


  1. Public Address (PA) – If your CB has this feature it can double as a public address system. However, it only works if you purchase a separate PA horn.


  1. Instant Channel Switch – When activated, this feature automatically switches to CB channel 9 (emergencies) or 19 (traffic information for truckers)


Interested in these and other functions your original CB radio didn’t have? Contact the specialists at CB Radio Supply for further details on available models.

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