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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Five Things Every New CB Owner Should Know

Five Things Every New CB Owner Should Know

Welcome to the world of Citizens Band radio! Don’t be nervous – everyone is friendly. That was the reason the band was created in the first place – to be an avenue to share information between operators. Sometimes it’s about traffic. Other times it’s about weather. Or, it simply be a chat about families or vacations.

The Things You Should Know

Before you take the plunge into this world, there are a few things you should know. Don’t worry, there’s no test at the end. These are common sense items to be aware of as you purchase, install, and start to use your CB radio.

  1. This is not amateur or HAM radio. You’ve probably heard of amateur radio operators who run music or talk programs on a regular basis, similar to podcasting. This is not what Citizens Band is used for. The 40 channels in its designated frequency are used to communicate emergencies, weather, traffic, and general information.
  2. You don’t need to take a test. Nor do you need a license. All that’s needed is a knowledge of how your radio works and what’s required for clear transmissions.
  3. You need an antenna. Your AM/FM radio may not have had an antenna, but you definitely need one for your CB. In fact, the taller the better so it can send and receive signals without hitting obstructions.
  4. You need to test before using. You want to see how your voice sounds to adjust the gain and noise level. And, you want to make sure the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) is at or near a 1:1 ratio. Without it, you can damage the antenna and the radio.
  5. The Citizens Band is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If you make threats over one of the channels, purchase power amplifiers, or perform other malicious activities, then you can face fines or even jail time.

What else do you need to know? Ask your questions to the experts at CB Radio Supply. If they don’t have the answers, then they’ll find someone that does.

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