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How Popular is CB Radio?

CB radio began in 1945 and throughout the 20th century remained popular between truckers, off roaders, and because of pop culture, even became popular among the youth. In the 21st century however with devices such as the cell phone making competition for CB radio, how popular does it remain today?  

With the popularity of the cell phone which can reach coast to coast and even to different countries, CB radio has always specialized in more local communication. It has remained a staple for truckers, outdoor enthusiasts, and many others who take joy in radio. For truckers, since CB radio remains so local, information about the roads ahead is always fresh and relevant when brought through CB.  

When in trouble, many police and emergency responders use CB to communicate quickly to locals. Truckers also can know upcoming weigh stations and by calling channel 9, know that they can always receive help. For many other outdoor enthusiasts the benefits are similar. Local updates and help, not to mention that many areas that don’t have cell signal, CB radio remains strong.  

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