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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

What are some of the most Important CB radio features to look for?

Regardless if it’s a compact unit for your Jeep or a10 meter station for Ham Radio operations, you need a certain set of features to receive clear transmissions.

Squelch – This is more important than voice modulators or LED backlighting. Without the ability to filter out background noises and static from the receiver, transmissions could be distorted. In turn, you might miss important information regarding emergencies or traffic conditions.

The squelch controls on a CB radio allow you to reduce those noises and weak stations. Go past the threshold and you’ll clear the disruptions and maintain the strongest channels. The more you go past the squelch threshold, the stronger the signals will need to be to receive them.

Automatic Noise Limiter & Noise Blanker (ANL & NB) – Once you find the proper squelch clarity, you need to limit the background noises around you, such as a truck motor or passing traffic. The ANL & NB help you to hear transmissions through the din of background sounds.

Radio Frequency (RF) Gain – Used properly, this control cuts down the RF volume in the receiver’s amplifier to reduce the noise of nearby stations. You can keep the gain high most of the time. If you drive past a station, it needs to be reduced to avoid garbled transmissions.

Channel Selector – While it may sound obvious, an easy to use channel selector is important for drivers who utilize touch controls instead of viewing the display. If you’re an experienced operator, consider a CB Radio with the ability to program channel presets. This helps you find the right channel while keeping your eyes on the road.

Another needed item to look for is a Channel 9 switch. Using this control switches the CB Radio from your existing channel to the emergency frequency.

Meter – Be it analog or digital, the signal meter (S-meter) measures the strength of incoming transmissions. From its readings you can adjust the squelch, noise limiters, or RF gain for a clearer signal.

Review these must-haves on a regular basis to select the right model for your purposes. Learn more about these features by speaking to a representative at CB Radio Supply. They can answer your questions and direct you to a model that meets your requirements.

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