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Is the CB Radio Dead? Never!

Nowadays, Facebook, twitter and other social media dominate the datawaves as a way to commutate with people in different places and share information.  In the seventies, something else was dominating the airways as the top technology to reach other people across the airwaves: CB radio.

By the late 70s, you could not turn on the TV or the radio without some popular culture reference to a CB radio.  In fact, at that time most car manufacturer offered a CB radio option so anyone who wanted to could communicate over the airwaves: “breaker-breaker-one-nine.”

CB Radios may not be the craze they once were, but the CB community is still standing strong.  Truck drivers still rely on it.  Dads are teaching their sons with a CB radio base station in the garage.  We still offer a wide range of quality CB radios and CB radio accessories too.

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