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Other Radios Than CB Radios & Ham Radios

When it comes to personal radios, CB and Ham radio seem to dominate the market space with its broad options, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others as well! In this article, we’ll discuss a couple other personal radio options that are out there!  

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)- using 30 channels at 462 and 467 MHz, and with the use of a repeater system, you can have your GMRS hold a range of 25 plus miles at a maximum 50 watts. In order to operate a GMRS you will need a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but unlike Ham radio, you do not need to take a test in order to receive the license.  

Family Radio Service (FRS)- designed for both individuals and businesses, it operated on 22 channels at 462 MHz with 2 watts at a range of about a mile. Since GMRS also operates at 462 MHz, it can access FRS channels as well but FRS cannot operate on all 30 channels that GMRS has. FRS does not require a license to operate and is meant to be an incredibly local service, even more so than CB radio.  

We hope you found this information on other personal radio services besides the most popular ones! At CB Radio Supply, we are here for all your radio needs and offer a wide range of customer service! Our free domestic US shipping and hassle-free returns is our guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your choices. Give us a call to speak with our expert staff today!  

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