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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Radio Entertainment Today

We all remember the days when entertainment was always on the radio, broadcasting music, news, sports, and everything else. With phones and streaming becoming more and more popular, the radio as a source of entertainment has been declining, but what does that look like today? In this article, we will discuss radio entertainment and where it stands today.

Radio would see its golden age across the 1930’s and 40’s across America. Popular dramas such as The Lone Ranger would bring in millions of listeners every week, though this would begin to decline with the television in the 1950’s. One aspect that radio has always remained popular with is music. Making sure they had the newest hit songs, stations offered curated selections of the most popular songs.

While the traditional radio has fallen into time, the digital radio has recently been on the rise. Digital radio offered through streaming services has been rising in popularity with not just music, but podcasts as well. According to Amazon data on their Echo home streaming device, 77% of users listen to the radio on their device. No matter what, radio will always remain an accessible form of entertainment for everyone.

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