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Rules for CB Radio Users (Part 2)

From common troubleshooting to general safety, there is some knowledge that every CB radio user should know! Previously, we went over a few of these rules, and now we will go over a few more to benefit your CB experience.  
If you have a mobile antenna or base CB Radio antenna, you need a counterpoise or ground plane. The antenna and plane go hand in hand as the antenna reacts and the plane reflects. In no ground plane systems, the coax shield acts as the ground plane.  
Single and dual antenna installations require different coax resistances. A single will need a coax with 50 ohm’s of resistance we recommend RG8X while a dual installation will need 72 ohm’s of resistance RG59. On another note, when tuning dual antennas, make sure to physically adjust them equally to maintain their resonant frequency.  
Never cut a coax cable, they are not like electrical wire. On top of that, bends, holes, and other damage to the coax cable will cause performance issues to your radio system.  
When tuning your antenna, keep everything in your vehicle closed, doors, trunk, hood, simulate actual usage conditions best you can. If a door or any opening is left open, it can cause inaccurate SWR readings for your tuning.   
We hope you found these rules helpful in your CB radio journey.
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