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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Setting Antenna SWR: Part Three

In the previous parts of this series we have gone over how to maximize your antenna efficiency through managing your standing wave ratio (SWR). In this final part, we will conclude the steps to do and things to note to maximize the efficiency of your radio system.  

At this point, you should have notes of the SWR values given at the lowest, middle, and highest channels on your system. With these readings, there are certain parts to look for. If all values are below 2.0, it is safe to operate, if they are all above 2.0 but below 3.0, you may have an ungrounded antenna mount or an insufficient ground plane.  

If your values are above 3.0, this is referred to as a “red zone” and is potentially dangerous for your radio system. If you are in the red zone, you likely have an electrical short in the connectors and it is very important you don’t use your radio until the problem is fixed. If your values are higher in the lowest channel than they are in your higher channel, that means your system is “short” and you’ll need to increase antenna length to fix this.  

We hope you found this guide on how to set up your SWR for maximum efficiency helpful in your own CB radio adventure! At CB Radio Supply, we are here for all your radio needs and offer a wide range of customer service! Our free domestic US shipping and hassle-free returns is our guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your choices. Give us a call to speak with our expert staff today!  

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