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The History of American Trucking [Part Two]

Previously, we began discussing the history of American trucking, from technological developments to the birth of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in 1933. In this last part, we’ll continue the history of trucking in America into the 21st century!  

The interstate highway act in 1956 saw the start of the boom in trucking as these highways continue to develop. This act also saw a federal weight limit established for vehicles. It was in the 1970s when trucking truly began to take off in popularity, especially in pop culture. The use of CB radio in particular was a big part of this. Their communication to notify each other of police and the general slang used created the image of truckers in America as modern cowboys.  

By the 70s there were over 18 million trucks on the road. In the motor carrier act of 1980, massive amounts of trucking companies went into business as the industry became more deregulated, increasing both competition and productivity. With almost 39 million trucks registered in the US today, the business continues to remain vital in modern commerce.  

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