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The Pros and Cons of CB Radio Backlit Displays

The Pros and Cons of Backlit Displays

Surprisingly, one of the debates that circulates among CB radio operators is if backlit displays are good or bad for drivers. One the one hand, many like the ability to see the controls they use. On the other hand, they feel it diverts attention from the road, thus causing accidents.

In the end, radio manufacturers continue to produce new CBs with backlit displays. Sometimes only the controls are illuminated. Other models can constantly change the color and power of the back lighting. And, despite the debate, they are still purchased by new and veteran operators alike.

To give you an idea about these issues, here’s a brief list of the pros and cons.

Pro: Easier to operate

Back lighting allows drivers to easily see important controls while night driving or during bad weather. This allows them to make necessary adjustments for clear communications.

Con: Distracting

This is especially true when the radio features an option to change the display colors every few seconds. It can be turned off, but some drivers don’t want to take the time to make it happen.

Pro: Makes the radio … interesting

CB Radios were built for communication, not to be nice to look at. Nevertheless, some drivers like the way multicolor displays brighten up their drive.

Con: The lights are too bright, even when dimmed

Though the lights can be dimmed for night driving, some drivers feel they can’t be reduced enough. Even the smallest amount of light from the controls bothers them during long journeys.

Pro: It keeps up with technology

While it’s not as advanced as a smart phone, the colors and lighting options make some drivers feel manufacturers are keeping up with 21st century standards.

Con: No need to change what’s working

Some new and veteran operators believe if it isn’t broken, don’t mess with it. They use the radios to communicate with others and report on emergencies and weather conditions. As they only use a few controls, there’s no need to keep them lit all the time.

Where do you stand on this debate? Let us know at CB Radio Supply. Our specialists will listen and determine what radio, backlit or not, fits your needs.

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