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The Short Term Solution - Magnetic Mounts for Antennas

In the previous blogs, we talked about how to mount your antennas so that they may perform at their highest potential. While those are great tips for those who will be using their CB radios regularly, but what about for those of you out there who only use your radio from time to time? Or maybe you just need a emergency, quick fix to mount your antenna for a temporary time.

Magnetic mounts allow the user to mount their antennas without the need to drill holes into your vehicle. This is great if you are in between finding a new mount for your antenna and just need a temporary quick solution. Alternatively, if you don't use you CB radio regularly, this a great way to avoid unwanted holes in your vehicle. However, with convenience there is a trade-off for efficacy. A magnetic mount will not give you the same quality as a regular, traditional mount. Short range caravan type and emergency communications will be fine with this set-up but more intensive communication is best left to the classic set-up.

If a magnetic mount sounds like a right-fit for you, we have some tips and tricks to make your mount serve you better:

1. Avoid placing your mount near audio and video tapes or any electronics with a strong magnetic field as this will destroy the magnets.

2. Considering having a spring between the antenna and the magnet mount as this will diffuse the strong force and winds it will sustain on the highway.

3. When removing the magnetic mount, avoid sliding the mount across your car as dust and sand particles might be trapped underneath leading to unwanted scratch marks during removal.

For more tips and tricks, CB Radio Supply is your go-to for the best products and information! Get in contact with us to talk to one of our professional, friendly, and expert staff!

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