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Trucking in 2022

People and businesses will always have things to move around and as long as that's the case, trucking will be here to stay. However trucking is a far cry from the mass pop culture it held in the late 1900’s, so where does trucking stand in the present day?

According to the American Trucking Association, they predict that 2022 will see a 24% rise in freight tonnage allowing revenue to increase 67%. The Covid-19 pandemic led to a sharp rise in trucking demand as more people were ordering stuff, but as restrictions began to ease up, so did the trucking market. Now that a new normal is being reached, the market is rising back into place.

That said, another part of the pandemic is the boom in demand for short distance hauls. 2020 saw that almost 70% of all hauls were under 500 miles, which means less drivers have to endure long roads and all the trouble associated with that such as fatigue. So far, 2022 seems to be the year of resurgence for trucking after a brief but intense decline.

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