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What is Family Radio Service?

As popular as CB radio is, there is a whole world of communication mediums that all have their various features and quirks! In this article, we’ll discuss Family Radio Service (FRS) , its history and its impact. 

Introduced by RadioShack in 1994 as a walkie talkie system to be used by families, it was approved and authorized for use in America starting in 1996. FRS operates around 462 and 467 MHz, putting it in the ultra high frequency band. This was a large benefit as it would not suffer interference effects found in CB radio, which operates at a lower frequency. 

Devices had a permanently attached antenna with no extension being allowed by the FCC. Under normal circumstances, the range on an FRS device is around 0.5 to 1.5 km or 0.3 to 1 mile, though under perfect circumstances it is possible to reach up to 60 km or 37 miles. FRS was a popular alternative to the business band by the FCC. Due to being a lower cost and mainly that a license was not needed, FRS was adopted by many businesses for communication. 

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