Why do you need a CB Radio Antenna anyway?
Why do you need a CB Radio Antenna anyway?

Why do you need a CB Radio Antenna anyway?

CB radio antennas function in two ways - (1) they help capture radio frequencies and deliver them to your receiver and (2) they send radio frequencies out. By performing these functions, they are an important asset to your CB radio set up. With attention and care, tuning and investing in your antenna can give you bettering signaling and performance. Here, we will detail the basic information you need to know about antennas.

To understand how antennas work, there are two terms to know. Firstly, (1) impedance is a force that oppose electrical current that is unique to every feed line. Having mismatches of the impedance and the antenna will lead to a decrease in radio energy being converted electricity by the antenna. Instead they will be reflected back and cause (2) standing waves which are waves that are stagnant and might cause disturbances to your sound quality.

By finding a synergy between impedance and standing waves, a better sound quality and reception can be achieved. Here are some our tips to achieve this with your antenna: 

  1. Try a top-loaded antenna if you are used to base loaded antennas.
  2. Use a taller antenna over a shorter one.
  3. Try mounting your antenna in a higher point on your vehicle.

The electrical ground (mounting site around the antenna) can also affect impedance and standing waves. We will explore this in our next blog. In the meantime, check out our selection of antennas to find the best on for your vehicle. Check out our other blogs or contact us if you have any questions!

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