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Women in Trucking (Part One)

Trucking is a primarily male driven profession, with a 2021 statistic saying that only 16% of professional truck drivers are female compared to 84% being male. That said, there is an increase in women joining the workforce in recent years. In this first part, we’ll discuss women in the trucking industry, demographics, and how experiences are shaped. 

One of the biggest drivers for women entering trucking stems from the Covid 19 pandemic, where for trucking specifically, the challenges of the workspace combined with the increase of shipment needs created a labor shortage for many trucking companies. With that, an influx of women came into the industry to meet those needs.

When looking at the numbers, in 2007 there were only about 3% of truck drivers were women, compare that to the most recent 16% statistic for 2021, the growth has been nothing short of incredible. One of the biggest benefits cited, especially during the covid era, was the independence of the profession. Having the ability to create your schedule around certain days allows many to know their availability for future weeks, whether that’s for friends and family or just time to relax.

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