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Women in Trucking (Part Two)

With the trucking industry being primarily dominated by men at 84%, the 16% of truck drivers that are women have a unique experience in the industry. In the first part, we discussed the reasoning for the rise of women in trucking because of the pandemic and went through statistics. In this second part, we will expand more on the unique experience for women in trucking.

Founded in 2007, a nonprofit named “Women in Trucking” was formed to encourage just that, more women in trucking! When asked about women employment, CEO Ellen Voie said that for the longest time, trucking was seen as a “man’s job” due to the physically demanding labor of it. However with modern day technology such as trailer drops and power steering/braking, the industry itself is much more open.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute, male commercial drivers are 20% more likely to face an accident compared to their female counterparts, a statistic that Voie cites as showing how women in the industry are more risk averse. Despite being nearly 50 years from the peak of truck driving in pop culture popularity, it still remains a signal of mystery, and the modern American cowboy image continues.

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