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CB Radio Antenna - Firestik LG4-M2 Side Mount No Ground CB Antenna Kit

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Firestik LG4-M2 Side Mount No Ground CB Antenna Kit

Planning to go on a road trip but can’t take the CB Radio from the other car? Worried that your RV does not have the proper metal CB Antenna Mount? Worry no more as the Firestik LG4-M2 Side Mount Antenna Kit has got you covered.

Enjoy a worry-free long road travel with this easy to tune and easy to install, clean looking antenna. Perfect for any motorhomes, RVs and trailers that do not have enough ground, this mobile CB radio antenna can easily be mounted on any non-metallic surfaces as it is designed with no-ground equipment.

As always, CB Radio Supply is your one-stop CB Shop. And, when you purchase your Firestik LG4-M2 Side Mount No Ground CB Antenna Kit today, it will SHIP FREE.

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  • Package Set Includes (3' or 4' Antenna, Side Mount, CB Radio Coax Cable, Wire Microphone Hanger)
  • Can be Installed on Fiberglass, Wood and other Non-Metal Surfaces
  • Length: 3' (100-watt rating) | 4' (100-watt rating)
  • Range: 3' Length: 2 to 3 miles | 4' Length: 3 to 5 miles (Range Depends on Conditions)
  • Antenna Color: Black
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