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CB Radio Antenna - Skipshooter USA Flag {Special Edition}

Original price $54.71 - Original price $60.41
Original price
$54.71 - $60.41
Current price $55.51

The USA Flag Skipshooter CB Radio Antennas are one of the top sellers at CB Radio Supply. They are specially to provide maximum range and easy tuning because of their innovative design. These models are extremely popular for their unique patriotic design

Skipshooter CB Radio antennas come with a unique solid core of fiberglass intertwined with 17 or 20-gauge wire, but this depends on your antenna's size.

The USA Flag Skipshooter CB Radio Antennas are covered with a water tight USA Flag sleeve and their 3/8”-24 threaded base is brass and plated with a shiny nickel finish

And there's more.

With Skipshooter CB antennas, you can now concentrate on the conversation, rather than fighting with your antenna. SkipShooter's CB antenna is the perfect way to break free and enjoy crystal-clear communications. SkipShooter's CB Antenna has the highest gain available in a short antenna design, giving you more range and clarity than ever before!

And what's more, is that they range from 3 to 7 feet long.

If you want a great-performing CB antenna that can't be beaten for performance and reliability, look no further than the Skipshooter.


CB Radio Antenna Features & Specs:

  • USA Made

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

  • 5/8 Wave

  • Top Loaded

  • Tuneable Tip (Must be Tuned After Installation)

  • Standard 3/8 x 24 Threading

  • S3 3 Foot Model 3000 WATT Power Handling

  • S4 4 Foot Model 3000 WATT Power Handling

  • S5 5 Foot Model 5000 WATT Power Handling

  • S6 6 Foot Model 5000 WATT Power Handling

  • S7 7 Foot Model 5000 WATT Power Handling