Cobra CB Radio Antenna - HG A1500 Magnetic Mount

CB Radio Antenna - Cobra HG A1500 Magnetic Mount

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Cobra magnetic mount antenna

You need height on your antenna for a clear line of sight. You also need one that’s easy to install yet has power. Your answer is the Cobra Magnetic Mount Antenna.


With 42” of vertical polarization, this antenna is tall enough to get and send clear transmissions from your  CB Radio. The whip is constructed with stainless steel, which means sturdiness no matter what the adverse weather condition. And, with a range between 26-30 MHz, the Cobra Magnetic Mount Antenna works with CBs, 10-meter, and other modern transceivers.


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Antenna Features & Specs

  • 42” Antenna with Magnetic Base
  • Can be Transferred Between Radios
  • Vertical Polarization
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Comes with Heavy Duty, Braided, 15-Foot Coaxial Cable
  • 26-30 MHz Frequency Range

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