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Connex 10 Meter Radio - Connex CX3400HP

by Connex
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Never miss a beat with the new CX3400HP 10 Meter Amateur CB Radio from Connex. This easy-to-use mobile CB radio offers a microprocessor-controlled LED faceplate, a front mic jack, and a new extra-large meter.

True to the classic Connex style, the CX3400HP also includes the popular Connex board echo and talkback. Stay informed using this new model without the stress caused by choppy transmissions or weak signals.

Connex 3400HP 10 Meter CB Radio Features:

  • Backlit LED faceplate with six selectable colors: white, cyan, green, purple, orange, and blue.
  • An extra-large meter for optimal visibility, with signal strength and power output scales.
  • Variable microphone gain for complete control over transmitted audio level.
  • Classic Connex board echo sounds with dual-stage echo control.
  • A secondary speaker jack on the front of the unit, perfect for mounting in a cubby.
  • HML dimmer for easy usage at night.
  • Antenna warning light to protect the radio from high SWR Alert.
  • Channel selector with an instant Channel 19 shortcut.
  • A controllable roger beep.
  • Variable RF power with dial-a-watt control for AM carrier adjustments.

As always, because we’re your one-stop CB Shop, your purchase from CB Radio Supply includes a uniquely-styled microphone, power cord, bracket, and a mic clip. And, when you purchase your Connex 3400HP today, it will SHIP FREE.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about this product or others we sell.

Connex CX3400HP 10 Meter CB Radio Specifications:

  • Power Output: 45+ watts PeP
  • Frequency Range: 10 meter 28-29 MHz
  • Power Connection:  3-pin
  • Current Draw: 10 Amp
  • Microphone: Standard 4-pin
  • Modes Available: AM, FM
  • AGC Recomended Fuse Size: 10 Amp
  • Length: 11 1/4" from the heatsink knobs,
  • Length: 10 1/4" from the heatsink to bezel
  • Width: 7 7/8"
  • Height: 2 3/8"

Perfect for amateurs and experienced users alike, the Connex CX3400HP 10 Meter Radio improves the quality of use with the addition of brand new features while maintaining a classic Connex style. Upgrade your radio by being one of the first to pick up the new Connex CX3400HP 10 Meter Amateur Radio today!

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