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Connex 10 Meter Radio - Connex 3300HP Upgraded Finals! 30% greater output!! Pro Tuned and Aligned!!!

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Connex 10 Meter Radio - Connex 3300HP Upgraded Final!!! 30% greater output!!

This Connex 3300hp has been upgraded with new Finals and Pro Tuned and Aligned for best performance. This awesome upgrade provides an increase of over 30%. Get the classic while getting more Fire in that wire!!!!

The Connex 3300 HP is our most popular model from Connex. The Ham radio still contains the features you love like an echo board and noise blanker to reduce extra static.

 The refinements are seen on its surface. First, the microphone jack has been moved to the front panel of the Connex 3300 HP. This makes for easier access in various areas of your rig or home. Second, the channel display is now illuminated in blue LED. Not only does it make the numbers readable in dim light but also is soft enough not to distract drivers and operators. Along with these two enhancements come the quality and reliability owners of other Connex models know and cherish.

 As always, because we’re your one-stop CB Shop, your purchase from CB Radio Supply includes a uniquely-styled microphone, power cord, bracket, and a mic clip. And, when you purchase your Connex 3300 HP today, it will SHIP FREE.

 Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about this product or others we sell.

 Connex 3300 HP Radio Features & Specs: 

  • FREE SRA-198 Noise Cancelling Microphone

  • Dual IRF 24 Mosfet Finals. 30% more power!!!

  • BLUE meter light

  • BLUE Channel LED

  • Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output

  • Red/Green Transmit LED

  • Noise Blanker

  • Automatic Noise Limiter

  • 3-level Dimmer

  • AM/FM/PA modes

  • Echo Board with Two Controls

  • Talk Back "ON" during Echo

  • Two Power Output Levels

  • Already Pro Tuned and Aligned

  • +10KC Switch

  • Pre-wired for FC 347 (or FC-30) Frequency Counter

  • Length: 11 1/4" from heatsink to control knobs

  • Width: 7 7/8"

  • Height: 2 3/8"
CB Radio Upgrade - Receiver Enhancement
CB Radio Upgrade - Talk Back
CB Radio Upgrade - Receiver Enhancement
CB Radio Upgrade - Talk Back