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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Mirage 10 Meter Radio - Mirage MX36HP3

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Mirage MX36HP3 10 Meter Radio

Built to fit in all semi-truck cubbies, the Mirage MX36HP3 gives you all the power you need in a smaller environment. And by power we mean 45+ watts PeP for clear incoming and outgoing signal. We also mean a full array of features you would normally find in a full-sized 10-meter radio.

For instance, the Mirage MX36HP3 offers Noise Reduction controls that permit your voice to ring clear through wind or driving sounds. RF Gain controls clear reception while maintaining power. And then there are features such as a Front-Panel Mic Jack, PA Capability, Adjustable Talkback, and Dual Echo. LEDs on the front panel indicate if a transmission is coming in or if you may have trouble with your CB Radio antenna.

As always, because we’re your one-stop CB Shop, your purchase from CB Radio Supply includes a uniquely-styled microphone, power cord, bracket, and a mic clip. And, when you purchase your Mirage MX36HP3 today, it will SHIP FREE.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about this product or others we sell. 

CB Radio Features & Specs: 

  • Small Compact Size
  • 45+ Watts PeP
  • Front Panel Mic Jack
  • Mic Gain
  • RF Gain Controls
  • Six-Band Selector
  • Dual Echo
  • Adjustable Talkback On/Off Controls
  • Variable RF Power Control
  • Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength, Power, and SWR Output
  • S-RF/SWR Switch
  • ANL-NB/OFF Switch
  • Public Address Capabilities
  • RX/TX Indicator LED
  • Antenna Warning LED
  • Pro Tune and Alignment Recommended
  • Receiver Upgrade Available
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Height: 2 1/4”
  • Width 7 3/8"
  • Height 8 3/4"
10 Meter Radio Upgrade - 10 Meter Pro Tune and Alignment
Tune up Report
10 Meter Radio Upgrade - 10 Meter Pro Tune and Alignment
Tune up Report