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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Ranger RCI-99N2 200 Watt SSB/AM 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver Radio BRAND NEW

by Ranger
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Original price
$558.99 - $558.99
Current price $558.99

Ranger is probably one of the most iconic names in CB and amateur radio and has been serving the US market for over 30 years. They take great pride in their reliable circuit designs as well as the highly efficient power output delivered by each of their radios. The Ranger RCI-99N2 200 watt 10 meter AM / Single Sideband Amateur Radio is no exception. It has everything you could want in a 10 meter radio, and so much more. And with its striking black and chrome finish and changeable backlight color that lights up the faceplate, it is quite good-looking as well as practical. You will never again have to fumble with the controls of your radio, no matter how low the light.

We highly recommend upgrading to UPS ground shipping on this item. You are spending a great deal of money on this item. UPS is a much more secure company to ship with. The choice is yours.

Features and Specifications

  • AM / SSB (USB/LSB) modes (no FM)
  • RF power ON/OFF switch for high/low power output
  • Output power (with RF on): 200 watts Plus AM PEP / SSB
  • AM Carrier: 10-50 watt (with Amp on) or 0.5-5 watt (with Amp off)
  • Black and chrome finish with white LED channel and frequency displays
  • Color select button for a choice of faceplate backlight colors
  • Backlight brightness is adjustable
  • Echo / reverb control
  • Variable talk-back control
  • Built-in frequency counter
  • Auto-calibrating SWR meter
  • High SWR warning light
  • Fine clarifier control (RX only)
  • ANL/NB switch
  • Ranger SRA-198NC chrome noise-canceling microphone is included
  • PA speaker jack
  • Pro Tune and Alignment Recommended
  • Power source: 40 Amps Battery Hookup recomended
  • Dimensions: 7.875″ (w) x 9.25″ (d) x 2.25″ (h)
  • Metric Dimensions: 200 mm (w) x 235 mm (d) x 57 mm (h)

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Warranty Information
Warranty and support is provided by Ranger USA  phone at 619-271-4035.

We do not offer an in-house warranty on this product.

10 Meter Radio Upgrade - 10 Meter Pro Tune and Alignment L2
Tune up Report
10 Meter Radio Upgrade - 10 Meter Pro Tune and Alignment L2
Tune up Report