Ranger 10 Meter Radio - RANGER RCI-X9 CB Radio

Ranger 10 Meter Radio - RANGER RCI-X9 CB Radio

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The Ranger X9 is a compact high-powered 120-watt CB radio with a classic look and feel. It is an excellent option for anyone looking to reach out and walk on somebody but requires a smaller footprint than traditionally larger sized radios. So what makes the Ranger X9 such an attractive option? Lets take a look at some of its features and benefits. 

RANGER RCI-X9 CB Radio Features:

  • Compact size, should fit into most truck cubbies
  • Hi-power 120 watts PEP
  • White LED display lights
  • Twin fans for exceptional cooling
  • Auto-calibrating SWR meter
  • USB, LSB and AM modes
  • Free Ranger SRA-198 Noise Cancelling Mic.
  • Echo and Talkback
  • Variable power output control.

RANGER RCI-X9 CB Radio Benefits:

This newest compact, high-powered 10-meter radio from the Ranger is any driver's dream. It is an excellent super high-powered option that should fit in your truck. Here are some notable benefits of the Ranger X9:

  • Smaller Footprint

The Ranger X9 should fit in almost every Truck. The total size is close to a Cobra 29 or Uniden 78

  • Massive output power

Thanks to a 20-watt carrier and 120 watts modulation, this radio gets heard over significantly longer distances. In addition, Ranger has successfully packed all the popular features you would need in modern 10-meter radio.

  • Small size, many features

The best thing about the Ranger X9 is that it comes with an SWR meter with auto-calibration, a color-changing faceplate with soft dimmable LED lights, and a single sideband. You also get echo and talkback, and all this is within the 7.25" wide size.

As always, because we’re your one-stop CB Shop, your purchase from CB Radio Supply includes a uniquely-styled Ranger microphone, power cord, bracket, and a mic clip. And, when you purchase your Ranger RCI-X9 today, it will SHIP FREE.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about this product or others we sell.

RANGER RCI-X9 CB Radio Specifications:

  • Length (from coax connector to control knobs)10.5"
  • Width 7.25"
  • Height 2.25"
  • AM Carrier Variable Power 2-20 Watts
  • Recommended Fuse 30A
  • Suggested Power direct to battery power connection
CB Radio Upgrade - Pro Tuned, Aligned, Peaked and Tuned