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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Ranger 10 Meter Radio - RANGER RCI-X9 10 Meter Radio

by Ranger
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$419.99 - $419.99
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The Ranger X9 is a compact high-powered 100 plus-watt 10 Meter radio with a classic look and feel. It is an excellent option for anyone looking to reach out and walk on somebody but requires a smaller footprint than traditionally larger sized radios. So what makes the Ranger X9 such an attractive option? Lets take a look at some of its features and benefits. 

RANGER RCI-X9 CB Radio Features:

  • Compact size, should fit into most truck cubbies
  • Hi-power 100 plus watts PEP
  • White LED display lights
  • Twin fans for exceptional cooling
  • Auto-calibrating SWR meter
  • USB, LSB and AM modes
  • Free Ranger SRA-198 Noise Cancelling Mic.
  • Echo and Talkback
  • Variable power output control.

RANGER RCI-X9 10 meter Radio Benefits:

This newest compact, high-powered 10-meter radio from the Ranger is any driver's dream. It is an excellent super high-powered option that should fit in your truck. Here are some notable benefits of the Ranger X9:

  • Smaller Footprint

The Ranger X9 should fit in almost every Truck. The total size is close to a Cobra 29 or Uniden 78

  • Massive output power

Thanks to a 20-watt carrier and 100 plus watts modulation, this radio gets heard over significantly longer distances. In addition, Ranger has successfully packed all the popular features you would need in modern 10-meter radio.

  • Small size, many features

The best thing about the Ranger X9 is that it comes with an SWR meter with auto-calibration, a color-changing faceplate with soft dimmable LED lights, and a single sideband. You also get echo and talkback, and all this is within the 7.25" wide size.

As always, because we’re your one-stop CB Shop, your purchase from CB Radio Supply includes a uniquely-styled Ranger microphone, power cord, bracket, and a mic clip. And, when you purchase your Ranger RCI-X9 today, it will SHIP FREE.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about this product or others we sell.

RANGER RCI-X9 10 Meter Radio Specifications:

  • Length (from coax connector to control knobs)10.5"
  • Width 7.25"
  • Height 2.25"
  • AM Carrier Variable Power 2-20 Watts
  • Recommended Fuse 30A
  • Suggested Power direct to battery power connection
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10 Meter Radio Upgrade - 10 Meter Pro Tune and Alignment L2
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