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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

CB Radio Antenna - Stryker SR-A10

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Stryker SR-A10 Antenna

You may have never wanted an antenna inspired by an Air Force Gatling gun. However, the Stryker SR-A10 Antenna will certainly change your mind.


Modeled after the Air Force’s Thunderbolt II, this is a high-performance antenna that can handle 10,000 watts of power. Its contributing factor is a coil of air-wound, 6 gauge, solid copper wire completely plated in pure silver. Not only does this make the Stryker SR-A10 Antenna highly conductive but it also greatly reduces static for crisp transmissions.


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Antenna Features & Specs

  • Modeled After the U.S.A.F’s Thunderbolt II
  • Available in Magnetic, Roof, and Trucker Versions
  • 6 Gauge Solid Copper
  • Coated in 100% Silver Plate
  • Capable of Handling 10,000 Watts of Power
  • Extremely Efficient High “Q” Coil
  • Double Wall Coil Cover made of High Impact Mobay Plastic
  • 10” & 20" Stainless Steel Shafts
  • 49” Stainless Steel Whip
  • Reduced Static Interference
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Item sold in bulk. No retail packaging